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Date: July 26, 2018
Agent 69 Interactive VR Porn Game

Agent 69 Characters

A top-secret agent of the American Central Intelligence Agency. Conqueror of female hearts and destroyer of female hopes – a true alpha male who always gets exactly what he needs. A professional spy who always finishes his missions successfully and a mastermind when it comes to playing the women – but don’t forget that you are limited by your own decisions, as you’re the one playing cards inside of our interactive VR porn games. Do you have what it takes to “steer” him correctly and achieve your most important goals and achievements? The fate of the world is in your hands – you only have to make correct decisions, remember!

You Agent 69 Game Character

Just a regular waitress (played by a cute teen VR porn star, Maddy May)… or maybe not? After all, she could become your very precious ally – she knows the place and can move around it without being noticed to help you out with many different things! But how can you get her to cooperate with you? Should you tell her the truth about yourself or maybe you should just lie and try to play her to get her to listen to you? The choice is all yours – just remember that at Dezyred.com every decision you make has consequences and you always need to choose your words very carefully! She might be cute, but she’s not stupid, after all!

Waitress Maddy Agent 69 Game Character

Jane Manypenis (played by a very beautiful ebony VR porn star, Ana Foxxx) is a female agent from another top-secret intelligence bureau. You’ve met before and she knows that you’re one of those “players” and how you treat women – but since she’ll be in a rather problematic situation, she’ll have to trust you anyway and do whatever it takes to ensure that your agencies will get to work together one more time. Are you ready to show her that you can be trusted – and will you be able to ensure that you can trust her, as well? No matter what she says, as long as you don’t know her orders, nothing can be sure!

Jane Manypenis Agent 69 Game Character

A very powerful businesswoman (played by a hot MILF VR porn star, Katie Morgan), who’s obviously somewhat connected to the criminal organization that plays the cards on this auction. She could become your most formidable opponent and you have to treat her with the utmost respect and care – but getting her to work with you could be mandatory if you want this mission to be successful. Be very careful when talking with her and make sure to pay attention to everything she says and does – and if you will only play her right, we promise you that she can surprise you (positively) with something truly unexpected! Are you ready to check what it could be?

Luciana Stuffin Agent 69 Game Character