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Date: July 26, 2018
Womanizer Chronicles Interactive VR Porn Game

Womanizer Chronicles Characters

A character obviously played by you – the king and the master of the game, and also – for the needs of our VR porn experience – the master of life, living it to the fullest and without any regrets. No more being shy and introverted – you are the alpha male and you can have any pussy that you want! Start overseeing your life and show everyone that no girl is safe from your endless charisma – no matter if you want to fuck a slut during your working hours, at home, at the gym… or pretty much anywhere else – you just do it, leaving them all breathless!

You Womanizer Chronicles Game Character

Played by Morgan Lee – one of the hottest Asian VR porn whores you have ever seen (and fucked) on behalf of immersive virtual reality porn. Inside of our latest VR porn game you will get to wake up in the same bed with her, making sure that your morning boner will not go to waste with the use of her little help – and since she will be more than happy to offer you that kind of… assistance, you should just enjoy it to the utmost and see how the situation will develop. But will you be able to make it something more than just a one-night stand?

Morgan Womanizer Chronicles Game Character

Played by Katy Jayne – one-of-a-kind blonde VR porn talent with incredible tits. Inside of our VR porn game she will be a hot, stunning blond MILF with a British accent – and… your boss. But could you possibly imagine a better employer material than her? The problem is that she will have some problems with tolerating your reckless behavior. Will you be able to get something more from her than just team-building activities? Or maybe you will even get yourself promoted if you will only give her everything she wants – perhaps including the things that her man cannot provide her with anymore?

The Boss Womanizer Chronicles Game Character

Played by Cecilia Lion – an always-smiling ebony VR porn talent with a petite little body and mesmerizing look and smile. Inside of our VR porn scenes, she will be shy and tempt co-workers from accounting – knowing her worth and who will not like you too much. Will you be able to change her mind about you and fuck her anyway? It will all be up to you, so as long as you will try hard enough and give her everything she wants… perhaps she will find out that you are a nice guy in the end and surprise you with some of her… attention, too.

Cecilia from Accounting Womanizer Chronicles Game Character

Played by Angela White – an incredibly hot and busty VR pornstar with a lot of assets and talents that will make you forget your tongue. She is one of the hottest girls at the local gym and has definitely never missed the legs day – or at least her butt exercises, as she owns one of the hottest asses you have ever seen and you definitely want to enter this round anal as soon as possible. She resends power and sex, and will not you allow to easily play with her – as she always knows exactly what she wants. Will you be able to tame this beast?

Angela Womanizer Chronicles Game Character

Played by Kyler Quinn – teen, petite, and super-cute VR porn whore – and being a wild card of the second episode of our VR porn game. You will not know too much about her but it will not stop you from fucking her in an amazing threesome – as long as you will manage to go through all the tough choices inside of our VR porn experience and deserve this threeway. Oh, and you will also have to find out which one of the girls will even allow you to fuck together with Kyler… it is not going to be easy but will definitely be worth your time!

Kyler Womanizer Chronicles Game Character

Played by Chloe Temple – young and petite blonde girl, who might look really innocent but inside is a true sexual demon. You two know each other for a while, but since your relationship didn’t really work out, now Chloe is dating other guys… and it seems like she missed you. When you first meet her in the game, she will be moments after a really bad date and could actually use a guy like you to cheer her up – and since she has some good memories about your sexual skills… play it right and you two will be able to fuck like old times and she will never go back to another dude with you around.

Chloe Womanizer Chronicles Game Character
Womanizer Chronicles Interactive VR Sex Game
Womanizer Chronicles